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Your Fashion Personality is made up of various elements.  
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Current Wardrobe

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but feel it is a chore to find just the right thing?   A full closet does not mean you have a lot of wearables.   In fact, many people suffer from " No time to spare and nothing to wear!"

We will go through your closet and evaluate what you currently have.   What are your favorites and why?   What don't you wear and why?

None of us can afford to start from scratch, so we will explore how to make what you already own work with what you buy.   We will develop a plan a buying strategy to complement your current inventory, as well as achieve your defined fashion personality.  












Color is an excellent tool to further defining your fashion personality.   What colors are you drawn to?   Are these the best colors for your skin tone?

Through our sessions, you will learn several important aspects of color:

  • How to tell whether the particular shade and intensity of a color is right for you
  • How to use color to extend your wardrobe (make it look like you've got  more than you really do)
  • How to choose make-up and hair colors that work with the natural pigment in your skin













Most of us have become preoccupied with what we do not like about our bodies:   too large this, too small that...etc.   We forget to focus on our assets the things we want to emphasize.

Fashion is a game of illusion:   we are trying to create the illusion that we are in perfect proportion, not that we have the perfect figure.   After all, what is the perfect figure?   It is certainly not definable (just ask 10 different men and you will probably get 10 different answers), nor does it actually exist (just ask any woman and she will tell you all the things wrong with her body).

So, we will work together to determine what to accentuate and what to camouflage.   We will also discuss posture, poise and carriage, which are critical for making your clothes hang gracefully.  















Style can mean several different things.   It can refer to the shape or line of a garment, or it can be something you try to project (being stylish, as in chic or fashionable).   It can also mean a specific way of dressing, as in your own personal style.

What are your likes and dislikes?   What kinds of styles appeal to you?   Do you know?   Are you sophisticated, funky, faddish, dramatic, feminine, casual, formal, sporty, outdoorsy, classic, artsy, professional, vintage, western or eccentric?   Most of us are a combination of these styles and more, depending on our activities, our moods, our careers, etc.

We'll begin defining your fashion personality by discussing things like:

    Do you love to try brand new fashions while they are still extreme, own one-of-a-kind pieces, and think it is more important to be gorgeous than comfortable?

    Would you like to look soft and romantic, and feel like a " lady," regardless of your activity?

    Are you an outdoorsy person who prefers picnic, sports, weekends in the  mountains, informal clothing and shoes you can really walk in?

    Do you have a no-nonsense classic style, with a penchant toward  looking smart and capable, being your most efficient in a business suit?

    Are you an energetic, bubbly personality type that prefers uncluttered   looks, moderate make up and sassy hair to complement your  vivaciousness?

These are some examples of various styles.   We will zero in on your particular personality, lifestyle and image to define your unique style.














Accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, belts, stockings, and handbags provide the completion, and your personal statement about who you are.   They add fun and excitement.

But done wrong, accessories can ruin your overall look.   It is important to pay just as much attention to selecting the appropriate accessory as it is to the outfit you are accessorizing.

We will discuss scale, color and image in relation to your accessories.   You will learn how many, what to look for, time-of-day appropriateness, and other basic accessorizing principles.  















What you wear says something about you WHO YOU ARE and people will have made an assessment of your character, ability, personality, socio-economic background and potential in the first 7 seconds of seeing you!

So, you will want to be sure your clothes, hair, make-up and overall style say what you want them to say. 

We will study your interests, activities and career goals.   By utilizing all of the other elements of your fashion personality we have determined, the image that best describes you will crystallize.   From there, a plan is born!



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