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Fashion Boot Camp

Fashion Boot Camp is a combination of fashion, style, wardrobe planning, modeling, poise, make up, and hair sessions designed to teach young women the skills to last a lifetime.

The workshops can be anywhere from 3 to 15 hours of training, and can be spread over separate sessions, such as a weekend.   The topics covered will be dependent on group size, how long the camp is, vendor availability and cost.

Examples of topics:

Fashion/Image: We'll discuss how to determine your fashion personality, analyze your color, your image, how to plan your wardrobe, how to accessorize, how to choose styles that flatter your figure and more.

Posture/Poise: How you wear your clothes is as important as what you wear. You add inches to your height by standing up straight you lose visible pounds by pulling in your abs. Learn the basic modeling techniques for walking, sitting and standing, and become the elegant young woman who enters every situation with poise and confidence.

Interview Preparation:

*What to wear based on the type of job, the industry, your age, and experience.

*How to enter, shake hands, sit

*Body language

*How to make a great overall first impression

Great for...

Youth Groups and Organizations

        Schools and Clubs

Slumber Parties

        Birthday Parties, etc.



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