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" Dress to Impress" Wardrobe/Image Consulting
by Kerry Damiano   

Personal Shopper

What is a personal shopper?   This term has varying meanings.   For our purposes, think of it as taking a person with a trained eye for style, fit, color and image along with you as you shop.



No more costly mistakes (see examples below)

Invaluable advice


Ideas of where to look for bargains


Saves you time, energy and dallar.gif  by doing the leg work for you

Common Costly Mistakes:

  • Have you ever bought something you think will match an outfit in your  closet, but once home, it was not even close?
  • Have you ever bought something in the wrong color, and then every time   you put it on, you took if off because something was just not right?
  • Have you ever bought something that did not fit properly or was not exactly right, but bought it anyway because it was on sale, and then ended up not wearing it?
  • Have you ever bought anything nearly impossible to accessorize without   buying all new shoes, handbag, make-up, and/or jewelry?
  • Do you buy items that do not multiply exponentially with things you already own?
  • Do you equate getting something on sale with it being a bargain?   PS:   If it does not go with something you already own, it was not really a bargain.

These and more are the kinds of errors you will eliminate from your shopping experience when we go together. 


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